Handan Yongnian District standard parts industry transformation and upgrading to achieve quality improvement

As one of the ten characteristic industries in Hebei Province, yongnian Standard parts is also the only local characteristic industry in Handan with an industry of more than 30 billion yuan. The output and sales volume of yongnian standard parts are far higher than other areas in China, accounting for more than 55% of the market share. In 2021, the output will reach 4.9 million tons, with an output value of 5.5 billion DOLLARS, and maintain a normal trend of high speed.  
With the severe form of air pollution, yongnian District party committee and district government plan to build four standard parts production park.  More than 80 enterprises retreat into the park, and promote the upgrading of more than 900 enterprises fume control equipment.  Effectively reduce air pollution.  At the same time, we will further clean up high-emission non-road mobile machinery in "low-emission zones".  Yongnian district standard parts industry set foot on the "clean emissions, high quality" development of the fast lane.  
At the same time, under the current situation of normal epidemic prevention and control, Yongnian standard parts enterprises use the "5G" network to connect with customers from all over the world.  The fastener innovation and entrepreneurship Center in Yongnian region of China has been built to promote the development of "Internet +" and further expand the popularity and market share of Yongnian standard parts. 

As a member of the fastener market in the Yongnian area, Aojia has a 20-year history of development. In the face of new forms, Aojia has always believed that only through continuous innovation and change can it achieve sustainable and good development. Aojia has taken full consideration of the transportation. Even in terms of transportation, Aojia has reduced transportation costs by 5% compared to before, and the savings can be fed back to our customers.
Operationally, Aojia is following the trend of developing Internet+ related business. At present, we are recruiting more than ten more professionals related to Internet profession and foreign trade market to engage in the preparation work related to global words e-commerce. In the face of new forms and changes, all Aojia staff face them with an embracing attitude. We also hope to establish a warm and loving partnership with friends all over the world, so that we are to achieve the corporate mission of delivering love and sincerity with screws.

Post time: Mar-04-2022