The first letter to a prospective partner

Hello my friend, I am looking for a loyal partner.Are you also looking for the best supplier factory?
Our factory is located in Yongnian, Handan, the largest standard parts production base in China. We have rich product manufacturing experience, and of course, we also have very good product export qualification.Our products have been exported to the world since 2002, and all our partners are very satisfied with our products.
The main products we produce include: ceiling anchor,stainless steel shield anchor,3(4)pcs fix bolts with hook, one-pcs sleeve anchor, hammer in fixing, christmas tree anchor. And we can produce customised products according to your requirements. Please rest assured in the quality of our products. The culture of our company is to deliver love and sincerity with screws. We will do our best to be responsible for every partner, so that our customers can feel our sincerity and become friends forever.

We have these advantages, which I think are an important point for you to consider choosing us as a partner
1, Fast customer service corresponding and quotation mechanism. Due to the instability of raw materials, we update the price information regularly every day to avoid unnecessary losses caused by customers waiting too long, and we that can also ensure that customers know the latest price of our company within the first time of inquiry.
2, Perfect quality supervision system. Our company has rich experience in exporting, and we have dedicated personnel responsible for product quality inspection, and we have signed long-term cooperation with ten high-quality galvanizing factories and blackening factories, so that we will never allow quality problems such as partial buckling, old buckling, cracking, unbright galvanizing and bad blackening.
3, Strong production capacity. We have been engaged in the fastener industry for more than 20 years, with 20 sets of advanced cold heading machine equipment, 12 skilled mechanics, the total number of the company reached 48, the average daily output of about 20 tons, to ensure that the normal arrangement of ships for customers, to avoid the trouble caused by logistics.
4, Stable pick-up time. After signing the contract, we will immediately arrange the production and procurement departments to carry out production and procurement, which is better than the customized time of the contract, so as to complete the order solution under the premise of guaranteeing the quality, and regularly arrange domestic logistics to Tianjin port, Huanghua port, Yiwu and other places, so as to relieve customers from the loss of interests arising from the change of raw materials.
5, Wide customer distribution. There are domestic and foreign customers from different places cooperating with our company now.
Foreign customers are mainly located in Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Kuwait, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Korea, Tunisia, Kenya, Poland, Thailand, India, Indonesia and other countries.
Domestic customers are mainly located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Shandong, Tianjin, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. Our company has been well received by customers from different countries and provinces.
6, Rich product variety: Our company is located in the largest standard parts production base in China, and we can be the agent for all kinds of local products, so as to save customers' time and energy in searching for products and give them a suitable answer, an appropriate price and a satisfactory quality.

I think you will be our next partner., we will give you the best product quality and the best product price, please contact us as soon as possible, let's talk about the future of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Your loyal partner and best friend,Arthur.

Post time: Mar-04-2022